GPG Smartcards Part 1: Why Smartcards are awesome, and what you can do with them.

16 Aug 2015

Why am I writing this?

I’m currently at the Chaos Communication Camp and offering a workshop on basic usage of the OpenPGP smartcard and started to notice that while there is much interest, people usually don’t really know what they can use it for.

In the worst case, they buy a card, and don’t integrate it in their everyday life. Which is a shame.

Because the OpenPGP SmarCard is awesome.

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21 Mar 2015

This site now supports DNSSEC and makes use of some “cool new” record types. I did a short writeup as a gist - maybe it is of help for someone: gist

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New site!

12 Mar 2015

I’m migrating away from the old wordpress page to something static - I was updating that installation more often than I was posting new content. Also I’m not going to miss comment spam - if you want to tell me something you can still shoot me an email.

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Lenz Weber

phryneas (Lenz Weber)

I am a security-enthusiastic dev-op.

This is my website. Or blog. Or whatever you might call it. I will or will not update this regularly.


You may drop me an email at mail<AT> using my GnuPG key B76C94DD .
The full fingerprint is 8331 9323 EF6D 1C7E 8835 59A1 D8C4 AE56 B76C 94DD .